Enabling yield increases for small-scale farmers through unique tropical weather forecasts

Ignitia has developed a game-changing solution for small-scale farmers in tropical climates to make better decisions on weather sensitive activities. Farmers can sow, fertilize and harvest at optimum times, maximizing precious resources and reducing risk across the farming cycle. Simply put, Ignitia has developed predictive analytics with an unprecedented ability to tell whether it is going to rain, at what time and with which intensity in the tropical belt. Third party studies of farmers in West Africa have shown that ignitia’s information has led to a wide behavioural change, with substantial increases of farm productivity as a result. By partnering with telecommunication operators and agricultural value chain players, ignitia offers a subscription-based service of text messages with location-based 2-day forecasts, monthly and seasonal outlooks. The service is paid by the farmer in micro instalments or bundled with other agricultural products. To date, Ignitia has over 1.3m subscribing farmers in 5 African countries.