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The Financing Agency for Social Entrepreneurship (FASE), avesco Financial Services and the European Investment Fund (EIF) joined forces to help make the vision of a thriving social finance ecosystem come true. Social enterprises need access to growth capital in order to develop and scale innovative solutions to the pressing social challenges of today. At the same time, more and more investors wish to engage in measurable impact but need attractive risk-return profiles to commit to invest. The ESIIF brings a unique novelty: With the EaSI guarantee instrument embedded for the first time in a German impact fund, investors are able to benefit from a partial protection against losses in the fund’s portfolio.

Social Enterprises

Social enterprises strive to solve important social and environmental challenges by using entrepreneurial approaches.

Impact Investors

Impact investors have the intention to generate positive, measurable social and environmental impact alongside a financial return.

Fund Overview

The European Social Innovation and Impact Fund (ESIIF) is a unique, innovative impact fund that invests in early-stage social enterprises located in Germany and other member states of the European Union. The ESIIF supports proven business models that generate significant and measurable impact, for example in sectors such as education, health, inclusion or the environment. The fund is a closed special AIF that provides mezzanine capital in the size of 100.000€ to 500.000€ to select social enterprises. The ESIIF is an important innovation that seeks to address the strategic financing gap for early-stage social enterprises in Europe. Investors can benefit from a guarantee instrument provided by the European Investment Fund (EIF), which protects the fund’s investments up to an amount of 3.2 millionout of the total target fund size of 20 million€. In addition, the ESIIF brings several unqiue features that were carefully designed to fullfil the fund’s mission and mobilize more capital for scalable solutions to the most pressing social and environmental challenges of our time.


The ESIIF brings a unique innovation: Thanks to the first ever EaSI guarantee embedded in a German impact fund to date, first losses on the fund’s investments in social enterprises are guaranteed for up to €3.2 million of the total fund target volume of €20 million. The EaSI guarantee, provided by the European Union and implemented by the European Investment Fund, aims to significantly improve the financing ecosystem for social enterprises. As a result, investors can benefit from an effective derisking mechanism.
European Investment Fund

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Social Enterprises

The primary goal of social enterprises is to solve societal challenges. With the help of innovative business models they place social and environmental problems at the core of their activities and solve them by using entrepreneurial approaches. Social enterprises assume an important role in society by creating sustainable solutions in areas, in which neither the welfare state nor commercial businesses were able to come up with answers to the most pressing questions of our time. As a result, innovative, efficient and pioneering models are created that generate significant positive impact while aiming to be self-sustaining on the long run.

Create social impact

Social enterprises demonstrate that it’s possible to fullfil the vision of addressing societal challenges with entrepreneurial means.

Aim to be sustainable

Social enterprises manage their resources sustainably and are able to repay capital due to self-sustaining business models.

Add to welfare

Innovative models do not only support people and planet. They solve societal challenges that go way beyond those covered by the welfare state.

Are highly innovative

Social enterprises develop and implement highly innovative solutions and thus provide important stimuli for social change.

Impact Investing

Impact investing is a new investment philosophy that integrates social and environmental impact as a fourth dimension besides risk, return and liquidity. Impact investments are „investments made with the intention to generate positive, measurable social and environmental impact alongside a financial return“, as defined by the Global Impact Investing Network.

The international impact investing market is experiencing substantial growth. To provide social and environmental solutions with sufficient capital to scale is more vital than ever. This holds particularly true for a specific segment in the market: Early-stage social enterprises wishing to scale their successfully piloted models and to reach more beneficiaries are depending heavily on appropriate funding coming from impact-minded investors. There are many social enterprises creating strong positive impact within Europe. If you would like to get inspired, please visit the FASE website for examples.

Contact Us!

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For FASE as the Fund Initiator:

Dr. Markus Freiburg

Founder and Managing Director
Phone: +49 – 89 / 2422-6187

„The ESIIF is an important innovation for the European impact ecosystem. It allows excellent social enterprises to access the capital they need in an early-stage of their life cycles to scale their proven models. At the same time, the fund provides a compelling opportunity for investors to catalyze and boost important innovations for the benefit of society – this way, they can achieve more than ‚just‘ financial returns.“


For avesco as the Fund Manager:

Carsten Kuschnerus

Investment Manager
Phone: +49 – 30 – 288 767 18

„The ESIIF provides better access to growth capital for social enterprises. We thus create an innovative solution for capital providers to achieve direct impact and make an important contribution to a sustainable development in Germany and the EU“.


The website is not a recommendation to buy or subscribe for limited partner shares in European Social Innovation and Impact Fund GmbH & Co. KG („ESIIF GmbH & Co. KG“), which is a special alternative fund (AIF) pursuant to section 2 (4) of the „Kapitalgesetzbuch“ (KAGB). It is also neither a sales prospectus nor an invitation to buy. Potential investors should read the Memorandum and the model of the Accession Agreement and, in addition, the Private Placement Memorandum („PPM“) before making an investment decision in order to fully understand the investment opportunity and the potential opportunities and risks involved. All information in this marketing communication, with the exception of the separately marked references, has been compiled by ESIIF GmbH & Co. KG and are based on its own preparation. The non-binding information on the ESIIF GmbH & Co. KG are presented in an abbreviated form and do not constitute a public offer. The investment opportunity is aimed exclusively at professional and semi-professional investors in accordance with § 1 (19) No. 32 and 33 KAGB (German Investment Company Act) based in Germany. Potential investors should always obtain their own tax and legal advice from expert third parties before investing. It is expressly pointed out that the present marketing communication is a brief promotional information regarding an investment opportunity in an entrepreneurial participation. For details of this investment opportunity, please refer to the Articles of Association, the model of the Accession Agreement and the PPM, which are available from avesco Management GmbH, Mohrenstraße 34 in 10117 Berlin and from Finanzierungsagentur für Social Entrepreneurship GmbH („FASE“), Prinzregentenplatz 10 in 81675 Munich, among others.